Krupal Patel/Marcin Platnerz/Vincenzo Puca

With the proposed design of Peel Groups masterplan on the Waterfront and the existing Eldonian Village, the regeneration of the site will aim to create active connections between two previously separated areas of the city fabric. 
This project takes influence from the writings of urban sociologist Ray Oldenburg and the theory of the Third Place. Oldenburg outlines that within society there exists three places. The first places is the home, the second is the workplace and the Third Place is the informal, social realm that exists between the two. 
In this proposal, Vauxhall’s urban regeneration strategy is approached through a socio-spatial perspective that introduces a variety of Third Place interventions upon the site. 
It has been acknowledged that although Oldenburg’s theory was outlined over two decades past, the basic ideas are still of relevance today. 
This project has applied Oldenburg’s ten points on Third Places taking into consideration current (and possible future) trends in urban, social and technological developments. 
The belief is that the existence of Third Places are of increasing relevance at present. In a time where the birth of the Forth Place (Virtual Space) is becoming an increasingly greater part of society, an evolution of Third Places must prevail.