David Banister, Adam Mokhtar, Natalie Wilson

‘The Urban Phase’ takes the idea of a Marseille hit by unprecedented unemployment, decimated by climate change, and overrun by vast immigration from Africa, which would lead to population rising to unstainable levels, being further ostracised from France, and becoming an independent state. Hence, it adopts a radical growth strategy.
Taking the city as solid and reimagining the inhabitants and their routes as waves, the project explored how void can be used to create solid. A limiting factor of 1 Hz being the average

walking distance of a human in one second, 1300mm, the empty space on the plan was used to inform the newly created solid in section. Three rules were devised using wave theory and carried out on an urban block consisting of 3×3 streets. The result; a maximum build shadow in which the humanising principle of walking and the space between has created its form. In homage to ‘The Manhattan Transcripts’, the process and its findings were produced as square tiles to allow the reader to explore the process.