Kirandeep Matharu/Natalie Bowker/Emily Simpson:

Marseilles legacy and image within our site as a thriving city
is in danger of being lost beneath a quagmire of dilapidated development and abandoned brownfield areas. The site is set within the once thriving Port based powerhouse of the city. It is left with a legacy of crumbling warehouses and broken links. The economic deterioration reflects a community suffering with a lack of footfall to attract commercial interest. This creates a vicious circle of decline. The area desperately requires invest- ment to rejuvenate and re-establish its vibrant past.

The project focuses on underlying context. By uncovering our natural geography we establish a sense of being and locality. The forgotten elements lost beneath the dense urban fabric are a significant opportunity to establish a sense of locality in the warehouse stricken environment. By uncovering the network of neglected water courses the project could awaken and invigorate a sense of locality within the city.