Omar Shariff/Gethin Hughes/Rhiannon Morgan

Repair, retain, restore, revive, recycle, refresh, renew, rejuvenate, revital-ize, reroute… The scheme for Re- was born with the approach to retain as much of the quality existing fabric whilst injecting enough new intervention to ensure the success and longevity of the area. Initially two clear nodes were identified, the Interna- tional Cruise Liner Terminal proposed by the Peel Group and a new landmark train station as part of our proposal. Re- focuses on rerouting pedestrian traffic between the two nodes whilst avoiding the traffic heavy Great Howard St.

The route itself is animated with a boulevard park linking the station directly to the proposed Clarence Graving Docks and a series of pocket parks (squares) that vary in compression linking to the cruise terminal. In the process of creating the new green route there has been careful attention in linking the Eldonian Village by opening up access and realigning existing streets in order to promote east west links. Areas have not been stamped with specific uses to promote mixed and varying use across the proposal and deter specific areas from becoming ghost towns on evenings and weekends.