Aynsley Gray/Jamie McCalister/Emily Walkden

The city of Marseille has a socio-spatial divide. Centre and periphery originally symbiotic, have become fragmented. De-industrial- isation, centralisation of markets and the relocation of port hinterland has rendered the periphery obsolete in serving the centre.The leftover territory of the north displays an archipel- ago. Disparate islands of port infrastructure, factories, freight lines, docker terraces and post-war, ghettoised grand ensembles. A threshold of immigration, ethnic tensions, poverty and crime, lacking of social mobility and welfare.

The concept proposed a polemic to highlight the divided city condition, confronting, real estate driven urbanisation. The polis model will be used to promote insular urbanisation, accen- tuating each islands unique condition.

The Masterplan addresses Felix Pyat 143 grand ensemble, a product of the modernist ideal with over 2000 residents. It defines the landscaping, densifies residential blocks and introduces needed ancillary functions: governance, metro link, cultural node, religion, technical institute, commercial stimulus. Functions to instil autonomy to the cité.