Adam Brindley/Rhydian Eldridge/Michael O Eze

The aim of this urban design proposal celebrates one of Liverpool’s great old communities, Creating a high street a space where both visitors and locals can share and enjoy alike.
The high street will be connected to the city centre and rest of Liverpool via a new train station and creates a route that runs from the Eldonian village with the Liverpool waters scheme ty- ing the fragmented areas of Vauxhall together. The area is filled with historically rich existing buildings and a unique streetscape. Preserving these attributes transforms the perception of this

area encouraging positive change while stimulating investment in the community.
The vision for this scheme is to create a thriving high street that Vauxhall and Liverpool at large can be proud of, whilst subtly bringing two distinctive communities together. Most of the routes through this scheme will be pedestrianised, prioritising people over vehicles. The scheme was developed to create a place where locals and visitors can enjoy a sense of the history, diversity and community of the area.