Acob Robertson/Andrew Harris/Fiqri Awall

Trois Nœuds (Three nodes), connects north Marseille to the waters edge whilst simultaneously activating three places, to the effect of offering precious, accessible public space.

The scheme revolves around three nodes: The Résidence parc Bellevue housing blocks to the Northeast of the site; a cluster of three grain silos marking the South; and the CMA-CGM shipping company tower by Zaha Hadid architects in the West. These nodes act as visual cues and edges as well as marking three concepts which pull the whole project together, namely

public buildings (silos), private industrial/commercial buildings (CMA-CGM) and dwellings (Bellevue).
These three ideas are compiled in a new typology introduced to the site. Cutting through the centre of a city block we have opened up usually unseen utilitarian space and transformed it into a high street, enclosed by buildings now dedicated to the production of artisan goods as is Marseilles history.