Alison Doran/Richard Gwilt

Most people in today’s society are no longer constrained by one reality, our physical reality has now been augmented with personal hyper realities allowing peo- ple to occupy a personalised reality. Can we begin to channel that into an opportunity for people to use through architecture, as digital technology is allowing us to access various services and settings at the touch of a button?

The project focuses on the theme of hyper reality, exploring these mixed realities by considering the differing speeds of contemporary life and how architecture and the functions of the space react to that. The Urban ReBoot is a development with mixed use high density residential, live work units with the necessary amenities to support these residents; a school, sports centre, entertainment facilities, markets spaces and a library along with public spaces that allow the an escape from the hyper reality lifestyle. Whislt the arterial flow of Great Howard street will be serviced by the Strip which contains high speed services for the commuters into Liverpool; providing drive though services for banks, cleaners, food and all other functions for life.