John Finlayson/Christopher Wells/Lee Wei Ren

As Vauxhall has historically been a community orientated area, our manifesto was to bring these communities back into this inner city district of Liverpool. We expanded our vision to also solve key issues relating to the areas isolation from the neighbouring boundaries of Everton, Kirkdale and Liverpool City Centre.
By studying different typologies of residential dwellings a new typology of housing was proposed using successful elements of historical and modern models. We further implemented funda- mental services currently lacking within Vauxhall from conveni-

ence stores and shops to community and activity facilities.
The overall scheme expresses a vast variety of residential types. The edge of the site is defined by high rise units which grad- ually diffuses into lower density family dwellings surrounding public green space. The site is interconnected by the second plane which diverts movement to the new thriving high street located in the centre of the site.