Sara Demetriou/Antonius Zenonous

Next year it is estimated Marseille will have a population growth of nearly
to 2,000,000 inhabitants. Because of the population growth the aim is to design a typology of a city that can be extended incrementally as demand for space increases.
We don’t need giant constructions, we just need constructions that are at the right size at the right moment to absorb the new population. A lot of towers and office buildings are empty because they represent only an investment and not a social response.

The scheme therefore will transform, evolve and grow contin- uously both horizontally and vertically with demand in order to avoid crowding, social pathology and social disorganisation. The project is divided into the predictions for three 50-year in- tervals; 2015, 2065 and 2115. As it grows the new city becomes an economic, social and cultural centre. New residential, com- mercial and civic buildings as well as public spaces are created. Located between the city and the port, the project gradually intertwines these two nodes to regenerate the port area and create a vibrant new centre of life and work.