Andrew Jarman/Craig Neal

The aim of the Peel Connec- tion is to connect Liverpool Waters to the city and to rejuvenate Vauxhall. Peel’s £5.5 billion Liverpool Waters development is one of the single biggest in Europe. To the East of Liverpool Waters is Vauxhall, a predominantly industrial area with a number of empty lots that has been left to decay at the mercy of mother nature and man alike. As it stands, the decayed fabric of Vauxhall acts as a barrier between Liverpool Waters and the city centre.

By rejuvenating the Vauxhall area of Liverpool the scheme cre- ates a strong connection between Liverpool Waters and the city centre. By providing facilities that have a positive impact on the community, the scheme creates a strong link for all residents in the surrounding area as well as providing new working opportu- nities within the development. Three key nodes; the entrance to Liverpool Waters, a new public square and the condensed ring road-road/new crossing layout provide the main connections for a pedestrianised site, thus creating a more comfortable and