Marianna Costa/Michaella Savva

As this part of Marseille is disconnected from the city centre, our strategy promotes links between the suggested site and the city centre. The main idea is to expand the metro station, provide movement and connectivity to the suggested area and improve the road net- works by redeveloping some spaces.

The project aims to create an improved pedestrian network which would help the visitors to have a faster mode of transport to the centre of the town; and also develop a new upgraded neighborhood for the locals. Welcoming, attractive and secure pedestrian routes should be encouraged through the site. The proposal also improves the cycle network as the routes stop after the shopping centre before the defined area.

A wider mix of uses on the site will attract more people into the area. Because the site is easily visited by public transport it should be able to accommodate facilities which require public access. It is important that the primary pedestrian connection between the metro station and the port are improved.