Patrick Taft/Jon Mackereth/Jack Prescott

The project responds to Marseille as a cosmopolitan mediterranean city steeped in cultural diversity due to its overseas influence throughout the centuries.

Identifying the great assimilations the city has with the Medi- terranean and the Maghreb in particular, the project proposes Marseille as an independent city state. This new state is an independent member of the Arab Maghreb Union with an elected government of its own, and contradicting the approach of the increasingly stringent immigration policy of the French

government becomes open to immigration from the AMU. Studying precedents such as Spitalfields and the Bowery – places whose identity was defined by a transient population – common threads where identified and incorporated into the scheme; a main thoroughfare forming the ‘spine’ of the scheme and a dense mix of residential and industrial uses enabling settlers to arrive, find somewhere to live and work immediately.
The project celebrates and accentuates the social makeup of the city by welcoming arrival, providing enterprise opportunities and enabling integration into existing fragmented communities.