Matt Widdowson/Matthew McGovern/Rakesh Morar/ Elliot Denby

The initial concept was driven by examining the surrounding context and area. East of the site is the existing Eldonian Village first set up in 1983 housing around 2,000 peo- ple. An almost gated community, the Eldonian Village has very little connection to its surrounding environment. Within the site itself lives a mixture of small businesses and unused land, an area heavily affected by the decline of dock work in the area, a variety of new low-price structures and historical significant buildings like the Tobacco Warehouse. West of the site along the river front is Peel’s proposed Liverpool Water’s scheme creating homes for up to 30,000 people in the area.
With this in mind our concept was to connect these two exist- ing areas together, through creating one new District Centre that could serve the different characters of these surrounding neighbourhoods. Providing and supplying the demands of the increasing population in the local area with new commercial areas, housing and public space, Liverpool_Connect joins the existing urban fabric with new infrastructure, the new revitialis- ing the old, the old giving the new a sense of place.