District 1

Kim Jarvis/Caryl Roberts/Heather Done

This project aims to create a sustainable district. It explores the ideal density to create a walkable town, minimising energy usage. Being near a railway station, it enables the town to act as an exemplar forfuture cities, aiming for easy duplication near other railway stations, i.e. modern’garden city’.
Sustainability has many factors including environmental sustainability, social sustainability, economic sustainability and cultural sustainability. In order to be truly sustainable, each of these factors must be harmonious. Therefore the area will be mixed-use, containing both residential and commercial buildings creating jobs for economical sustainability. An Entreprise Zone will be created for local startup businesses and a Learning District will promote sustainable practices to the residents.
Each of the buildings and spaces are carefully designed for optimal energy efficiency. The orientation of the building, massing, roof and materials are all chosen to minimise the energy usage and heat loss.