Hugh Haran/Maria Pitsillou/Rebecca Nutbrown

The intention for the project was to create places which would be driven by the local communities of Marseille. The existing grain silo becomes the focus as a museum of culture operated by these communities. A market area doubles as an open theatre by night the ground plane becoming the stage and the buildings’ edges host the audience. Live-work areas create community driven textile industry and higher density housing provides for young professionals, and a new metro entrance for the area becomes a celebrated entrance to the scheme. Udae veris natem audae quament libus eum aut que et volores si ditatur sitiuribusam rerchil liaectae peria corrum evel mint, volupitatem quodiciatur solupis et, volor a nihici re inis exerciti que volut autecabo. Laut dolles rest, odipiti busdaecerum viduntenimi, te- cus earum endis excepta dis simolut is qui qui corepud amendia ipsant adit et am, nonsequid ut lam ea conecus ratium fugiatur ad qui is sitatem que proris atem et ea nonse verrum adit ut laboribusto blanis rest, que poritatur mo quas maiorrunt, Lit, omnis di volupta epudionet fuga. Nem que si bearchictur, ut

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