Jonathan Farrel/John Atkinson/Thomas Glover

The project aims to interrogate the social condition in Marseille, which has created the segregation of a community settled on an industrial wasteland, manufactured by the neighbouring southern communities. This issue has materialised and matured over the course of the cities long and rich history, catalysed by influxes of immigration as a result of war and conflict, which in turn has lead to overpopulation and the collision of cultures, languages and religious beliefs within the city.

The scheme proposed seeks to promote social integration, a complex notion that demands the consideration of various elements within the realms of politics, economy and culture. The ambition is that the output from an intense interrogation of these interelated areas will bestow a better understanding

of the physicality of the social world, and how the physical can influence, deter or even remedy a social condition. This knowl- edge will inform an urban proposal that endeavours to relieve the tensions of Marseille’s divided population.