Alice Shead/Anna Hudson

The shadows of a city are the places that tend to be gritty, real and the most interesting to visit, where you can experience true culture. By enhancing and exposing these shadow lands, not only do these areas become more accessible but by retaining them the history and sense of place remains. Our proposition is a move away from the typical idea of ‘Masterplanning’, to the idea of ‘integrated urbanism’, pockets of investment which act as catalysts for change and

a growing development to organically spread throughout a neighborhood.

Our intervention intends to facilitate symbiotic relationships between the different users and communities that occupy the area by way of music. We are creating a new urban and cultural experience in the shadows of the dominant, brutalist structures of the A55 flyovers. Investing in abandoned and disused areas to add to the urban fabric, reusing and refurbishing several of the derelict buildings in the area, keeping the soul of the place but adding to the facilities available, retaining and enhancing any existing spaces or places of activity that are off the beaten track and outside the social norm.