Rhys Gethin/Brandon McKeown/Jonathan Tinsley

Our proposal first and foremost aims to maintain the integrity
of the existing fabric whilst providing a seed for change. Three seeds in fact; in the form of mass vertical housing.

The interventions are positioned such that little, or no harm
is caused to the existing built fabric. The ‘tower and plinth’ typology of the scheme will inject around 15,000 people into the area; this, along with the plans for Liverpool Waters, will re- animate North Liverpool and provide points of tension around which the area could flourish.

The towers are split vertically with large communal gardens and parks with the ground floor environment allowing ease of pedestrian movement between the gridded street pattern.
The intention is that as the area swells with people, nearby land prices would spike, thus increasing the demand and providing a local booming economy. Businesses move in with the promise of 15,000 people to cater for. With a relevant infrastructure in place i.e. train stations, vertical parking, places of work, places of leisure and education/ health facilities; North Liverpool will become a place of industry, buzzing with life once again.